PEG’S PARENTS “SETTLED INTO THE GRAND RESIDENCE AND FELT AT HOME…CONFIDENT OF THEIR SAFETY AND THEIR DIGNITY WOULD BE HONORED.” “I wanted to personally thank you and the entire staff for caring for my parents, Connie and John…, for their final years. Even though transitions are difficult late in life, they settled into the Grand Residence and felt at home. And, the six of us were confident of their safety and their dignity would be honored. You were incredibly responsive to my numerous calls and texts about one thing or another. I am am certain there were times that the… family was overwhelming to the staff, but truly but I truly respect the quality of the individuals who were looking out for mom and dad… I’m glad they were at the Grand Residence.” ~ Peg (2019)

JUDY AND RON MADE “FRIENDSHIPS…TREASURED FOREVER.” “Thank you all for taking care of Ron and I and making a wonderful home for us at the Grand Residence. It ended much too soon. I hope you will reserve me a room so I can return someday! The friendships we made will be treasured forever, love and gratitude.” ~ Judy and Family (2019)

NANCY AND WALT ARE THANKFUL FOR “GENTLE, LOVING CARE.” “A special note of thanks to the whole staff at the grand residence for the gentle, loving care our mother, Grace Wills received during her final days with you… She had such a peaceful passing.  Again thanks to such a wonderful staff.” ~ Nancy and Walt (2019)

DAVE’S MOTHER FELT RIGHT AT HOME WITH “FAMILY AND FRIENDS” “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful care my mom received at The Grand Residence…Everyone at the Residence should be commended for making a special effort to make my mom feel right at home.

She received loving care with compassion and kindness, the hallmark of everyone who attended to her needs on a daily basis. The food was excellent, with the waitresses and even the chef knowing my mom by name, quite a feat for such a large dining room.

Additionally, the medical attention she received was first class and professional. Living so far away, this was a special concern of mine, but like everything else, a needless worry. The staff kept me updated by phone on a regular basis with any changes in her condition or medications.

…The real telling part of my mom’s experience at the Residence was when hospice wanted to move her to their facility for the last days of her life. As you know, she refused saying she wanted to be home with family and friends at The Grand Residence. I think that tells you how she felt about everyone there, right up to the very end.”    ~  Dave

MARY LU’S FATHER FOUND A GRAND LIVING ARRANGEMENT “I’d like to take this opportunity to commend the entire Grand Residence staff for their five years of care for my father. Since the day he moved in, my husband and I have felt he was in a safe, clean, caring residence surrounded by people who were genuinely interested in [Dad] as a person.

Thank you all. The Grand Residence was exactly that for our family—a grand living arrangement for our father in his final years—full of interesting and interested people. The quality of your care is high. Your attention to detail is obvious.”  ~ Mary Lu

CONNIE’S MOM AND FAMILY REDISCOVERED THEIR JOY “This is just a letter to thank everyone at The Grand for the wonderful treatment my mother has been experiencing there…everyone in our family is dumbfounded at the change in her.

In less than a year, Mom has bounced back from having part of a lung removed, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, two strokes and a broken leg. Her strength and spirit are an inspiration for all of us…

Now, she calls me almost every day, and I can’t get her off the phone! She’s looking great, taking better care of herself and her appearance, eating better, and she’s demonstrating a “joie de vivre” I haven’t seen in a long time. Best of all, she seems to be getting less confused everyday. I feel that I have my Mom back.

Your staff makes Mom feel good about herself and more in control of her life. No one makes it seem like they’re doing her a really big favor if she needs something. They treat her with respect and kindness, and they act as if they actually like her. The nurses who help with her medications are smart, gentle, and caring. The staff in the dining room are patient and nice. Even the gentleman who makes the omelets on Sunday asks me every week how Mom is enjoying The Grand. [The nurses] have been wonderful to Mom and me. The housekeeping staff must be pros because the whole facility is beautifully clean and wonderfully odor-free. And, I just thank God every day for [the Activities staff] with their energy, creativity, and persistence (although, I can’t seem to find Mom in her suite anymore)…In short, I think the staff at The Grand truly “gets it.”

You’ve brought laughter back to Mom and me, and I thank you. She’s being spoiled, and she deserves it. I feel that Daddy is looking down saying, “It took you long enough, Connie, but you finally got it right.”  ~ Connie

THE LITTLE TOUCHES ADD UP TO CREATE A DELIGHTFUL HOME  “Both [Mr. and Mrs. Smith] are our good friends, and they have been family to us. They formerly lived at a SENIOR living residence of comparable cost in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We visited them in August before and during the first few weeks of their occupancy at The Grand Residence.

It is only in the measurement of cost that there is any comparability. In all other aspects, The Grand Residence is far superior. In the following areas, The Grand Residence rates as an excellent home:

Building and Environment
The building has spacious, well decorated, and uniquely furnished common areas; a large, sunny, and beautiful dining room and comfortable breakfast/snack area; wide hallways and comfortable apartments and rooms.

The staff at all levels and for all functions provides the unique blend of efficiency, caring, and friendliness that are the marks of true professionalism and excellent management.

The food is consistently appetizing, varied, and nutritious. Food intended to be hot or cold is served just that way. This is an important component in a total program that encourages their interest and well being.

Community Events and Outings
Daily events are very interesting and contribute to a feeling of agility and involvement in the community. Outings are frequent, well planned and enjoyable.

Care Giving and Therapy
Care Giving and Therapy are provided with thoughtful insight, according to individual needs and with respect.

We are delighted that they have made their home at The Grand Residence.  ~ Richard and Ray